Lexington Co-op Market stores in Buffalo, New York, have launched Field & Fork Network’s SNAP incentive program Double Up Food Bucks. The two co-op stores are the first grocery outlets in New York State to offer the program.

“As our community continues to be impacted by COVID-19, our goal is to remain a reliable neighborhood grocery store. The Double Up program makes it easy to access fresh, healthy foods and support our local growers,” said Tim Bartlett, General Manager for Lexington Co-op. “With our shelves and produce section stocked, it’s a good time for families to sign-up for the program.”

Here’s how Double Up works: Customers who use their SNAP benefits to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables have their dollars matched up to $10 per day, saving them 50% on their produce purchase. (SNAP stands for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps.)

“Double Up is a win-win-win,” said Lisa French, co-founder and Executive Director of Field & Fork Network, which administers the Double Up Food Bucks program in New York State. “Low-income families bring home more healthy food, local farmers sell more produce, and more food dollars stay in the local economy.”

To apply for the Double Up Food Bucks program, visit one of the co-op locations and show your EBT card to a manager. More information is available at https://lexington.coop/resources/double-up-food-bucks/