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The Double Up Food Bucks program began in 2014 at 7 farmers markets in Western New York. Since then, it has grown to more than 200 locations across New York.

You can help us bring Double Up Food Bucks to even more people. It’s easy as pie.

Our Trusted Partners

Double Up Food Bucks would not exist — much less be such a success — without the support of our many partners. The program’s success is rooted in partnerships with major organizations providing critical funding support, local markets that bring the program to life in their communities, and other organizations that help extend Double Up’s impact with targeted outreach and complementary programming.

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You Can Connect People to the Power of Food

Our volunteers and partners are part of a growing effort—in New York State and nationwide—to help families bring home more healthy food while supporting local farmers and strong communities.

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Ambassadors: the Face of Double Up

Ambassadors are part-time Double Up employees and on-the-ground program advocates who spread the word about Double Up in their communities. They provide a person-to-person point of connection, trust, and support to new users.

Many Ambassadors intimately know Double Up because they themselves use it in their communities.

Ask an Ambassador to speak at your event

Meet Our Ambassadors



Flint, Michigan

What she wishes people knew about the program: “The points last forever!”

Most rewarding Ambassador experience: “I've had to go back to my car and pull cards out of my trunk to sign people up at random places.

Miroslava's story


Flint, Michigan

“This program is what gets people through the month. It’s the fresh fruit and veggies on the sides of their plate at dinner time.”

Maxine's story


Detroit, Michigan

“Detroit is so big! And what makes it so big is the people and the life."

Adrienne's story


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Volunteer for Double Up

Our team of volunteers represents Double Up at community events, explains how the program works to shoppers, responds to inquiries on our Double Up hotline, and more. Interested in volunteering? Drop us a note at info@doubleupnys.com.

Recommend a community partner

Double Up is only possible because of strong relationships with local and state partners.

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Community Partners

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Our posters and flyers are perfect to display at your local business, library, school, or community center. We’ll even send you free print materials right to your door.


"There was certainly an overwhelming response to the program. I would say overall I had a 5-10% increase in my business because of the program. It is a simple and straightforward program which I think lends to its success."

— Double Up farmer Tom Tower, Tom Tower Farm,
Elmwood Bidwell Farmers Market

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Promote Double Up in Your Community

Posters and flyers sent straight to you.

Stay in the Know

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