Offer Double Up Food Bucks at Your Store or Market

Join the 250+ locations supporting their communities with better access to fresh fruits and veggies.


Farmers Markets, Mobile Markets, Stands, and Grocery Stores

To be eligible, your market or store must:

  • Accept SNAP benefits
  • Be located in a high-need area
  • Participate in a site visit with Field & Fork Network
  • Be able to adapt its point-of-sale system to run the Double Up program
  • Meet all of the criteria listed on the online application form

Interested in offering Double Up Food Bucks NY at your location?

Please contact Jake Kowal at to inquire about applying to carry Double Up Food Bucks at your site.

Grocery Store Application

This application is for brick & mortar grocery stores, cooperatives, corner stores, and small retailers. If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact Jake Kowal, our Retail Portfolio Manager.

Farm Direct Application

If you are a farmers market, farm stand, mobile market, food share program, or CSA that has direct-to-consumer sales, please contact Jake Kowal to discuss next steps for offering Double Up Food Bucks at your market, stand, or program.

Direct Marketing Site Application

If you represent a farm stand, food share program, or CSA that has direct-to-consumer sales, applications are being accepted on a rolling basis for 2022. We are currently at the capacity of direct sites that we can manage so we are unable to approve new sites at this time. Please feel free to apply to be added to our waitlist. Farmers that participated during the 2021 season do not need to reapply.

Make your community stronger by doing what you do best—selling delicious, fresh produce.

Be part of a New York-grown solution that provides more healthy food for people in New York and directs more food dollars to local businesses and economies.

As a participating location, you will see immediate benefits.

  • Double Up Food Bucks is totally FREE for stores and customers.
  • Encourage Customer loyalty and repeat visits while attracting new SNAP shoppers.
  • Help your store or market stand out among the competition.
  • Money earned in the store can be spent in the store.
  • Improve access to fruits and vegetables for your community.

As part of your participation, you will:

  • Commit to selling New York-grown produce
  • Receive free training to implement Double Up at your store
  • Be promoted as part of a statewide marketing campaign
  • Receive a suite of marketing materials
  • Get monthly reimbursements for Double Up sales
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no minimum amount. However, at farmers markets that use $2 Double Up tokens, customers can get the most out of their dollars by spending in increments of $2.

Tokens can be spent at other participating farmers markets that accept tokens. At grocery stores, or at markets that only use the Double Up card for purchases, tokens are not accepted.

Double Up is available in many states, and is growing every day. Contact us at to learn more.

Double Up Food Bucks is a nationwide fruit and vegetable incentive program, servicing millions of low-income SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) users with a dollar-for-dollar match to increase affordability and access to fresh healthy foods at farmers markets, farm stands, mobile markets, corner stores, and grocery stores. In New York State, Double Up has contributed to 1.1 million pounds of healthy food sales to over 32,000 customers, at more than 180 sites spanning 29 counties.


There are three common ways that Double Up Food Bucks could be implemented at your location:

Tokens – Tokens are used at farmers markets and mobile markets to work with their existing SNAP token currency system. They provide customers with a physical $2 token for every two dollars they redeem in SNAP tokens. The tokens are used like cash and given to each vendor in exchange for fresh, whole produce or fruiting plants. At the end of each market day, the market manager or whoever is responsible for the Double Up program, collects the tokens and tracks how many were given to each farmer for proper reimbursement.

Tablets & Loyalty Cards – For stores that have a register but not a sophisticated POS system, the most common and easiest solution is to have a tablet and card reader next to the register in the check-out area. Customers can sign up at the point of sale and all of the Double Up transactions are done on the Tablet through an application called Fresh Incentives. The app doesn’t have the capabilities to accept SNAP so the store will still require a separate machine to do SNAP transactions.

Integrated into Existing POS System – For stores with a sophisticated POS system, there is likely a longer process involved in getting the Fresh Incentives technology to work within the existing system and requires more back-end work. This is usually only at larger grocery stores. Since the integration is fully contingent on the specific POS system, training is done in-house.

Depending on the location type and size, Field & Fork Network staff will either train all of the staff at once how to use it or train the managers who will train the staff. Field & Fork Network tries to provide as many of the trainings as possible in person but there are instances when those trainings have to be online. There are ample resources that are provided to the store afterwards and F&FN staff is always available for further assistance.


Field & Fork Network will send you a check for the amount of Double Up redeemed at your location. It’s imperative that you submit your reports on time and ensure that we have the right address for you.


Once a month, someone from the Field & Fork Network team will send you a form that asks a few simple questions, such as SNAP spent, Double Up spent, and asks to confirm your mailing address. We send ample reminder emails to ensure nobody misses the deadline.


If the loyalty card system isn’t integrated into your POS system and you’re using a tablet, there are a few solutions that you can use based on what works best for you. Most places add a button to the register that indicates that they are performing a Double Up transaction. Some sites will manually reconcile using the Fresh Incentives website,

Field & Fork Network does not require any documentation of this process. This is exclusively for the accounting/inventory purposes and ease of the store.

At this point, since Double Up Food Bucks only started launching in grocery stores in 2020, it has been a slow process to ensure that each type of POS system has a solution. Currently, the app is fully compatible with the following systems:

  • ECRS Catapult
  • LOC
  • Clover
  • Square
  • TotilPay
  • CoPOS

RORC/DUMAC is in the process of having a solution developed. Field & Fork Network is partnered with the National Grocers Association and EPIC Technology Solutions to develop solutions for every POS system.

For more information, please reach out to Jake Kowal, Retail Portfolio Manager, at

Frequently Asked Questions

Statewide, more than 250 grocery stores and farmers markets participate in Double Up. Find a location or call us at 866.586.2796 to find a participating site near you.

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You can recommend a location to us or call us at 866.586.2796 to tell us where you want Double Up to take root in your area.

Visit our Community Resources page for other Michigan food assistance resources to help you and your family.

Kroger, Meijer, and Walmart do yet not participate in our program. We primarily work with independent and regional grocery stores and farmers markets at this time, with more than 250 participating locations across Michigan. Find one near you

For more questions and answers, visit our FAQ page.

"I was able to use the coins to buy starter plants for my own garden. That benefited me. So I’m looking forward to next year, to doing the peppers and the tomatoes again."

— Double Up customer

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