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More healthy food for New Yorkers, more business for farmers, and more dollars in local communities.

Our story

In 2014, Field & Fork Network began administering the Double Up Food Bucks program at 7 farmer’s markets in Western New York. Since then, Double Up has grown to 30 counties and more than 230 sites across New York, and become a model for communities nationwide.

Field & Fork Network believes big ideas and bold actions are needed to create lasting change in and with communities. Double Up is one of the ambitious ways it is helping communities harness the power of food.

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Why We Need Double Up

Too many families struggle to bring home the healthy food they need to thrive. Every year, more than 2.8 Million New Yorkers residents use SNAP to help put food on the table.

We’re working towards a New York where everyone has greater access to fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Double Up Food Bucks NY is a program of Field & Fork Network. It matches SNAP benefits (formerly food stamps) dollar for dollar, up to $20 per day, on fresh fruits and vegetable purchases.

This means more healthy food for families, more business for local farmers, and a boost for local economies. Everyone wins.

Double Up Food Bucks:

  • Brings fruits and vegetables within reach of every New Yorker.
  • Creates new markets for New York farmers, which puts more money in their pockets and strengthens local economies.
  • Increases families’ food dollars and supports better nutrition while building a fairer food system—from farm to fork.

Double Up is a Win for Everyone

With Double Up, families who need it most get the support to buy twice as many fruits and veggies, whether fresh strawberries at farmers markets or New York-grown potatoes at grocery stores.

And the cherry on top: these purchases support local farmers and create more vibrant local economies.

People and Families

More than 100,000 New Yorkers have benefited from Double Up, with more than $8.3 million in local fruits and vegetables. 96% of them say that they ate more produce, like apples, tomatoes, cherries, and broccoli. We think that’s just peachy.

Dunkirk Market
Tom Tower


Of farmers who participated in Double Up, 90% sold more fruits and vegetables, and 85% made more money.

With greater sales, some farmers were able to expand their production and even buy or lease new equipment—giving a particular boost to farmers just starting out.

Local Economies

To support area businesses and strengthen communities, buying more local produce is low-hanging fruit.

One dollar spent at a farmers market can generate $2.80 for a community’s economy. If 20% of food purchases in New York were shifted to local sources, it is estimated this shift would create more than 42,000 new jobs.

Happy Shoppers
Thera Farms

A Model for America

Double Up Food Bucks is a national model, piloted in NY in 2014. Today, Double Up is offered in more than 230 locations across New York and more than 900 locations in dozens of states.

A little goes a long way. As food assistance is the largest single expenditure in the federal agriculture budget, redirecting even a small percentage toward locally grown food has enormous impact in local communities.

Double Up Food Bucks Reports

The Double Up program continues to grow; check out our latest Double Up Food Bucks impact report from 2022. 

    Want to learn more about Double Up Food Bucks on the national scene?


    Double Up Fod Bucks New York Five-Year Report

    A new report is in the works. Check back soon for an update.

    Our team


    Double Up Food Bucks is a program of Field & Fork Network. Field & Fork Network is a connector – whether it’s connecting farmers to new economic opportunities or connecting consumers to affordable fresh food, our work is designed to link communities together to make them stronger.

    Understanding and evaluating how our work impacts communities is critical and an important part of what we do.

    Josh McGuire

    Program Director
    Double Up Food Bucks

    Cooper Rohan

    State Policy Manager
    Field & Fork Network

    Jake Kowal

    Program Manager
    Double Up Food Bucks NY

    Nichole Borchard

    Director – Communications & Partnership
    Field & Fork Network

    Our Partners

    Double Up Food Bucks would not exist — much less be such a success — without the support of our many partners.

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